Predefined Trading Hours ?
To give back to investors a
better Well-behind

Bored to be slave of charts ? (24/7 trading tiredness)
Predefined Trading Hours give a better investment/personal time balance to investors.
Vote for the opening and closing time market of the project you have invested in !
To provide to projects owners
some Rest

More and more Web3 developers / projects owner are tired of managing project and community 24/7.
(burn out)
Take back the control of your life and give yourself some rest
Manage your trading hours based on your community's votes !
Tokenized IRL companies at
Local trading hours

Any company is able to tokenize itself, even a local bakery.
But, some are afraid of managing community day and night and be stressed by a price chart that never stops.

With Woken, a company can be tokenized and setup its trading hours according to its local market / daily work hours.
To bring more people and get
more Adoption

A lot of people are not yet on the crypto market
(fear of 24/7).

With Woken, they can invest or build on cryptos that have some stop'n go.
It could be a very good entry point for them to the crypto market.
To attrack institutional with the
Stock Market hours ?

Institutional could be interested to tokenize securities tokens and set the same trading hours than the Stock Market.

The Blockchain is a Must Have for them !

To seduce the states
with the Regulation ?

EU Parliament passes smart contract regulation under Data Act and may need to allow termination or interruption of transactions

Most of the tokens do not need to be tradable 24/7
Whitepaper to be released this summer


Time control...
Set and manage your Trading Hours

We have developed a unique smart contract called Timekeeper, which controls the liquidity pools' Trading Hours of the Woken Exchange.
Its allows each project owner to set his own LP trading hours.

Enable your Timekeeper and set your Trading Hours on the Woken Interface
Update your Trading Hours based on your community's vote on the Woken DAO

Thanks to Woken, you will be able to enjoy some days off without stress !
Technical docs to be released this summer


Community First !
Vote for the Project Trading Hours you have invested in

"Do you want us to be tradable for Christmas ?"
"The upcoming weekend ? or Maybe at the Nasdaq Time ?"

Each project can edit its own trading hours based on its community'votes.

If a proposal is accepted on the Woken DAO, the project owner is able to update the new trading hours of his pair
DAO docs to be released this summer


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