Predefined Trading Hours ?
Give a better time balance
Bored to be slave of charts? Predefined Trading Hours give a better investment/personal time balance to investors (24/7 trading tiredness)
Attract Web3 developers
Attract Web3 developers / projects owner who are tired of 24/7 working (burn out)

Seduce fintech companies
Fintech companies that are still hesitate to tokenize (utility) because this market that never stops
Seduce the states
Predefined Trading Hours could seduce the states with regulation because it protects consumers from the market volatility
Attract more investors
A lot of investors  are not yet on the crypto market (fear of 24/7). For exemple, only 8% of french people are in the crypto market
Attract institutional
Predefined Trading Hours is the closest model to the  stock market to attract institutionals for security token (on our future CEX)

WASDAQ : The Genesis

First token you can trade at Predefined Hours
The project started in May 2021 and was launched first on Binance Smart Chain ( july the 5th), and cross-chain on Avalanche C-Chain (november the 8th)

2021/05/27 Launch of our website / social medias
2021/07/05 Launch on PancakeSwap
2021/08 Start marketing
2021/09 Influencers / medias / advisors
2021/10 Start developments of our bridge to be cross-chain on Avalanche
2021/11/08 Officially launch on Trader Joe DEX as new partner
2021/12 CMC / CG Listing : new kind of situation for them
2022/03 Holders : 2300 diamond hands

Wasdaq is the genesis of the Woken Ecosystem and our proof of concept.

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4 markets for several timezones

With their own governance tokens

Our DEX will host other projects / tokens (guest) who want to offer trading at predefined hours on our markets.
4 markets
with their own Predefined Trading Hours and their governance tokens and the main token of the Woken DEX

WASDAQ MARKET (US timezone) : MON - FRI : 1:30 pm to 8 pm UTC / SAT-SUN : CLOSED
W2* MARKET (EU timezone) : Days - Hours
W3* MARKET (ASIA timezone) : Days - Hours
W4* MARKET (Marketplace) : Days - Hours

*W2, 3, 4 markets names and trading hours are confidential to avoid Copycats

Wasdaq original Whitepaper



With Predefined Trading Hours Markets

Not only the first DEX with Predefined Trading Hours Markets, we also want to provide a real User Experience with reliable tools to trade efficiently


To reward the holders

Stake our governance market tokens to get rewards on guest trading fees
And more ! Get privilege access to the Launchpad and special gifts on the Woken Marketplace


For companies and project owner

We bring you our experience to help you to define the best tokenomic for your project.
Benefit from Woken's exposure among our 2300 members and influencers network to succeed in your IDO


To Chill when the markets are closed

Work / Trade during the opening markets, chill and enjoy the marketplace when they are closed!
The Woken Marketplace is a powerful marketing tool for companies to develop loyalty and reward their holders with NFTs, play 2 earn, metaverse and contests like Chill Challenge


The Woken Ecosystem is under development, for more info (Whitepaper, Pitch Deck) or to schedule a meeting, you can contact by email JB, Woken CEO.